Friday, February 28, 2014

Learn to Make Your Own Enamel Cabachons

                     I am excited to announce a new class I will be            teaching at Quench Jewelry Arts 

          This is a great class for beginners and intermediate metal smiths.  

Students will learn how to "paint with fire" by applying enamels to copper using a torch. They will have complete control over their designs and explore basic fabrication techniques. 

No experience is necessary to take this class, but intermediate students will be able to explore incorporating enamels into more complicated works. After completing enamels, we will set the finished pieces in sterling silver and fine silver.  Students will make cushions for these settings to add dimension. 
This two part workshop will be offered March 13 & 20 from 6-9:30 at Quench Jewelry Arts

You can regisiter on line or

 by calling 612-968-3199.

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  1. Laura, I will be following this closely! Love to see the inner workings of LS Designs!!