Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mermaids ... sans shells

I participated it the Art-a-Whirl art crawl last week.  I met many new people who had never seen my work before.However the questions I get are the same wherever I go.  Perhaps the most frequent of these is, "Where do you get your ideas?".  That is not an easy answer for me, because many times, I don't know.  They just seem to erupt from somewhere of their own volition.  Maybe I just have a very hyperactive muse with attention deficit disorder.  However, there are some things that have remained a constant for me, just reincarnating in different forms. 
 One of these is Mermaids. When I was a little girl, I used to fantasize about being a mermaid.   I am not fond of the bastardized Disney version.  True, the old stories are sad, but they are also quite touching and they show that there is more to life than finding a man.  Besides, if I were a mermaid, I would never use seashells as a bikini top.  Yuk.  I cannot think of anything more uncomfortable.  

The mermaids I have made over the years have taken on many forms, but not a one  of them would ever consent to wearing seashells.  Here are some of my ladies who have found a new home.

Mermaid & boulder opal ring
Mermaid, azurite and emerald ring


you can

some of my girls are modestly posed while others are a bit more daring.

Asymmetrical Mermaid earrings

Mermaid, pet fish and bubbles
Mermaid ,pet fish, chalcedoney and sapphires

They do not wear scratchy shells.

What kind of Mermaid are you?

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